Live from B&B: T-shirt trends: famous funny faces

    Graphic T-shirts are like temporart tattoos, letting the wearer say something about themselves, be it cheeky rebellious or just downright silly. And that's why famous faces make such a splash on a T-shirt. They come with a certain baggage and association that the wearer likes. Most commonly seen here have been pictures of popstars and fashion designers, with illustrations of Karl Lagerfeld popping up a few times on branded T-shirts. But reworked photos are the newest take on the and here we have Albert Einstein gone rock courtesy of Sir Benni Miles, and Will Smith from French brand TH Gallery. I bet it's not often that those two are mentioned together.
    TH Gallery can be contacted on 00 45 26 22 22 32. Call Sir Benni Miles in Germany on 00 49 89 30 65 900Source URL:
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