Gold Pendant

    gold-pendantPendants are adornments for necklaces. The most popular styles are lockets and crucifixes. If you are looking to buy gold pendant for a necklace you already own or buying a necklace with a pendant included you should find all of the relevant information included here. Pendants are often made from various precious metals and decorated with precious minerals or an engraved pattern.
    gold-pendantAs with most gold jewellery, pendants can be made from yellow and white gold. As gold is not naturally white it is worth being mindful that, over time white gold may need to be restored. A 9 carat, solid gold pendant could contain around 35% pure gold whereas and 18 carat solid gold pendant would contain 75% pure gold. This drastically changes the price. Any solid gold jewellery should be engraved with a hallmark. 9ct gold should have the number '375' engraved and 18ct gold will have '750'.
    gold-pendantAs a rule of thumb silver pendants should be available for less than £50 unless they are particularly heavy, higher grade than sterling or are set with stones that require a higher price. Plain or engraved 9ct yellow gold pendants should cost £50 - £100. Additional stones such as Sapphire, Peridot or Amethyst may require a price tag upwards of £200. Rubies and Diamonds will cost significantly more (Luke Hynek).
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