Nike Dri-FIT Technology

    When I was an early teen, I used to think sporty graphic t-shirts were the best. They were comfortable, matched with all my jeans and pants, and just seemed so cool. This was when I still had to wear school uniform to school and all before fashion made any sense to me. Thankfully I have grown up since then, learnt more about fashion and have realised that I am simply not the type of girl to wear sporty clothes in a cool way. The Nike tees I favoured weren't even the fashionable styles like the images above -they were the 'performance' types.

    I am not saying that sporty tees are not cool. I'm just saying that I don't pull the style off. Actually, if I see someone in magazines wearing a sporty tee in a casual style and pulling it off, I automatically think she's either really pretty (thus manages to pull off all sort of style,) or that she's one of those cool, boyfriend-jeans-type-of girls. Although now that I think about it, those have usually been Adidas shirts.

    In the past, I've always chosen white or light-coloured graphic tees by Nike. I've tried a Filas tee, but that didn't fit as well or look as pretty. Usually, the Nike tees are made of Nike's Dri-FIT material, which like the label above says, helps absorb sweat and helps cool you down. While I wouldn't say the shirts feel 100% 'breathable', they did feel air-ier than the tees by other brands. But for the past five years I've slowed down buying these tees until last month, I realised that my old ones either have holes in them or the colour has faded, so I visited sports shops and bought two. The strange thing is, after trying the two new tees for a month, I actually think the tees have improved a lot!

    The shirt is really what the description says it is -the fabric is seriously 'breathable'. It absorbs sweat and allows air to get through to cool your body down. And very importantly, for such a 'breathable' shirt, it is not see-though, which you should not take for granted when it comes to light-coloured, airy, sporty tees.

    I'm not sure what has changed. The label on the shirt looks slightly different -it now says FIT DRY instead of Dri-FIT, and there's the little label (image above) printed on the tees, but aren't they the same thing? The new tees also feel smoother and more slippery, like satin, than the old tees. OK, this is not worth over-analysing -Nike has probably just improved its material technology. But seriously, I love the material.

    Nike has also used the technology for its other products. I bought a pair of sporty pants last December on sale (like this pair except mine is longer,) and they are so comfortable. I was walking in them on the streets and I could actually feel the cool London wind. So if you're the athletic type of girl who enjoys running outdoors, a pair of these breezy Nike pants would be perfect, (or at least I imagine it would be, since I don't actually run outdoors.)

    On top of the two Nike tees, I also ignored my brand loyalty for Nike for 10 minutes and bought a tee by Adidas. While I love the design by Adidas a lot more (-I love the three gold stripes on the sleeves,) the fabric just felt like normal, sporty, cotton material. It definitely didn't feel as breezy as Nike's.

    Which brand do you prefer your sports tee from? And if you've bought a Nike Dri-FIT tee recently, do you think they're actually more breathable, or am I just imagining it?

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