Do I Look Too Much Like a Sailor Girl?

    Nautical inspired clothes (read: anything that is navy and white, and possibly red,) has been a must-have for the past few summers. A TimesOnline article suggests that the nautical look is so favoured because nautical clothes represent a highlife, (presumingly of a life that involves many luxurious holidays, yachts, beaches and seaside houses,) that most of us can't afford but do aspire for. This season, the runway collections offers the starry nautical look (see Chanel,) knit dresses and the 70's look.

    The usual, nautical-inspired look is basically a striped top with jeans/ shorts.
    A question that's been nagging me every time I see a nautical-looking item is this: Would it make me look like I'm dressed in a sailor costume? I don't mind looking a bit cutsy or too navy and white, but I really don't want to look like I'm some fashion victim who's literally dressed like a sailor.
    Take this sailor-like outfit Blair is wearing: Leighton looks great in it, and Blair can totally pull it off, but that's because she's a tv character with a strong sense of style. I'm not sure it would translate well in real life.
    Take these two tops from Top Shop. The top on the right is just too sailor-looking for me. And I've actually tried on the top on the left, but it kind of made me look like a 12 year old. I might be aiming to look young, but I am not aiming to look like a kid.
    When I first saw this dress I thought it was cute but was way too sailor-looking and kiddy for me. But the more I stare at it, the more I want it! It's so cute and I love the details -the collar and the buttons. Alas, now that I want to buy is, it's sold out on I totally regret not ordering it when I first saw it now!
    As usual, Urban Outfitters provides some ideas on how to wear the nautical look in a young and stylish way: The key is to wear one nautical item, and the rest should be a bit plainer, or a add a splash of colourful to make it look like a chic and modern outfit. Match them with 'in' accessories, like long, charm necklaces (-no anchor charms though!) or sandals (-love the tan-coloured ones on the right).
    So question: Is this APC sailor dress too sailor-looking? And is it too kiddy looking? It looks cute on the model, but then everything looks ok in catalogues. Would it look really boring?

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