MET Costume Institute Gala 2008: Superheroes

    Ahh, the most important annual fashion party, the Costime Institute Gala was held last night, chaired by Anna Wintour, Julia Roberts and George Clooney. I big huh? on the two celebrity chairpeople, since I can't remember them being particularly linked with fashion. They didn't even dress up to the theme! And even though I can't decide whether to think Anna looked like a Chanel-clad space alien, I feel like we shoudl all appreciate that she's obviously super responsible and dressed up for the theme.

    The theme was Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy. Most people looked nice -afterall, celebrities and models are pretty people in general, and they have their pick of expensive dresses. But it's such a waste and bore when people don't actually dress up to the theme. What's the point and fun when you don't? Anyway, here are my favourite dresses from last night.

    My absolute favourite dress from the night was Christina Ricci's dress. I LOVE the red corset at the center (-very Wonder Woman,) and the pink chiffon-like material covering and flowing around her is just so pretty. The dress is kind of costume-y, but it's still such a normal gorgeous dress. Ricci just looks so cute and pretty!

    My other favourite dress is Kate Bosworth's vintage Chanel couture dress. I love the colourful, sequinned print on the dress. And I like the cut -it's unique and not like all the other huge puffy dresses around. Plus the shoes! Her outfit isn't very obviously superheroes-themed, but hey, she obviously tried! The dress, the shoes and her makeup -everything is so colourful and metallic! In some odd way, the equally shiny Karl Lagerfeld's black and white outfit complements on dress!

    Not a fan of Mary Kate's dress, but Ashley's dress is so nice and simple, yet those cut-outs make the dress sort-of into the theme. I wish Ashley added some colour somewhere but she just looks so pretty!

    That acqua colour looks gorgeous on Camilla Belle. I think the should strap is what makes the dress sort of superhero-ish.

    I usually love everything Diane Kruger wears on the red carpet. Her outfit last night was really fun and young-looking. I can't say I love the dress, but the whole outfit is cute.

    Katie Holmes really bothered with dressing up for the superheroes theme. The dress is a bit Disney-ish -it's long, A-lined, sequinned and red. And those blue shoes -a bit Wonder Woman (except the costume isn't tight and short) isn't it? Her makeup looks a bit scary in this photo, but it looks better closeup.

    That's it. Like I said, many people looked pretty, but I liked these because they went with the theme and looked gorgeous. Which were your favourite and least favourite dresses?

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