Valentine's for Friends!

    Valentine's day is just around the corner! Over the years, I feel like we've quite exhausted the topic of Valentine's, from what to get for her, for him to what to wear. So this year, I've decided to take on a different angle and do Valentine's for friends. As someone reminded me lately, Valentine's day is the day to show people we love that we love them, and that is not exclusive for lovers.
    A very good idea is to make personalized Vday cards for all your friends, like the ones above (left) from Shutterfly. Its simple and sweet. Other ideas. I quite like this "All About Me" book from UO where they can fill in their life's tale. What better gift than to give them a perspective on themselves?
    Classic pink Vday trinkets like this rose ring and compact heart shaped mirror from UO is also a nice touch. Lovey dovey presents don't always have to come from your lover after all.
    But of course, amongst us girls, we know that the true path into our hearts is not through heart shaped trinkets, but through lots of pampering and primping. So might I suggest these darling lip shines from Philosophy (left) or nail varnishes in fun colors (right: OPI)?
    You can even throw in some Spa sets (left: Bliss, right: Cosmedicene) and have a girl's night in, giving each other spa treatments and painting each other's nails....
    ...while watching this season's most girl power tv show, Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle. So far, I like Cashmere Mafia more.
    And last but not least, sweets! More specifically, I have a craving for cupcakes. These are from Sprinkle's, but I've never tried them. So my heart is with the Magnolia bakery cupcakes from NYC.....yum! I keep on thinking about them, I fear that I've placed it on a pedestal and it is only in my imagination that they are so good. But yes, these will be the perfect thing to share with your friends and show them you love them (also think of Blair's super sleepover in GG- they had cupcake fountains too!). I know I'd feel loved :)

    Happy early Valentine's Day everyone!

    Image Source: IMBD, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Shutterfly and Sprinkles
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