Man Fashion: Headdress

    The headdress once served as a symbol of authority, power. In Ancient Egypt only the pharaoh could carry big headdress made of a striped fabric, which the crown was put on. All others classes, except for slaves, were content with wigs from a vegetative fibre. Wealthier the person, the wig was bigger and ringlets were more magnificent.

    The type of hats men wear depends on what the occasion is or the environmental conditions are. Men's hats greatly differ from hats typically worn by women.

    Hats are still worn by many people in today society, but for different reasons than before. Now hats are more for functionality (such as keeping warm in the winter), or for looking fashionably appealing. The popularity of baseball caps has grown exponentially during the last decade among both men and women. Most young men wear baseball caps because all their friends are also wearing them. Younger men are not the only ones who wear hats for fashion reasons. Some older men, when they begin to lose their hair, choose to cover it up by wearing a hat.
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