on 18 July 2010

    kemaren Minggu, saya Pejred dan Kunto pergi ke City Walk disebelah timur Lodji Gandrung for joining the 'drawing' contest. Buttt, sialnya when we were there..
    1. Kita memakai seragam sekolah sendiri!! and it was seems like we are some of fool people..
    2. No teacher that will mendampingi kita pada lomba kali ini shiit
    3. Finally I and Kunto went home to change our clothes to be baju bebass! not a uniform!
    4. Ketika kami went to meja pendaftaraaaan, dan ternyataaaaaaa!
    5. That was a drawing in canting contest! you know whaaat? that was like drawing a simple line on the material and we draw on it with some of wax which melted and whe used to had canting to draw on it! hahah that was our first time !!
    6. wahahahah actually when we try to pen out the melted wax, hahah that wan't just like difficult as our prediction. It was a delight!

    Okayyy! and we try to try and tryyyyyyyyyy......
    ternyata banyak sekali yang melihat proses kita membuat gambar di kain putih itu dengan teknik membatik.ckckck mantaaap deh
    aku liat, the lines was Pejred has done was very impressed and i glad to see its.

    and finallllyyyyyyyyy....
    Pejred be the First Winner
    and i be the second winner wikik :D

    oh yaah, i hadn't captured my art, hehe..
    but i named it Gurita?
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