Marchesa and Arty fashion collage :)

    Hello guys :) Today I looked at Marchesa's fall 2010 collection and Resort 2011 colllection and as expected it is gorgeous! Its inspired by a fusion of 1920's glamour and egyptian goddess and tribal look.  I have made a picture of all my faves to show to you, all I can say is "I WANT ONE". Sadly I don't even want to look at the price as I dont think my piggy bank could stretch that far...anyway I'm rambling so here we go...

    Here is a collage of cuttings from magazines and old birthday cards I did, inspired by all the fashions of 2010. I made it for my room and I bought a basic black frame to make it more professional. I only used 2 magazines and about 5 birthday cards altogether so its a really cheap way to add something more personal into your room. You can do any theme but I chose fashion for this one and here it is...  

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    Visit Icip2idayusof for daily updated images of art collection

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