Jade Pendant

    jade-pendantJade is a stone that is said to bring you luck, so it is no wonder there is such a variety in jade pendant for you to choose from. Jade pendants come in so many shapes, sizes and colors that it would be hard to describe them all.
    jade-pendantNot Just a Green Stone, Jade of course is a green stone, you can buy either a light color green or a darker green stone. Jade is not just a green stone however, it comes in a variety of colors including red, black and lavender. All of these colors can be found in a variety of pendants.
    jade-pendantSolid Jade Pendant or One in a Setting. When choosing a pendant you have a choice of getting just a carved jade design attached to a chain or a stone that is set in a gold or silver setting. While smaller jade stones look delicate and beautiful placed in a setting, the more chunky carved designs look terrific with no setting to detract from their exotic beauty. Jade pendants come in geometric shapes, in animals such as fish, dragons, eels, tigers, elephants, owls, and even shrimp. Insect designs too have found their way into jade pendants as have crosses, Buddha and flowers.

    Jade Pendants in sets. You can purchase pendants by themselves or in sets with matching earrings and/or bracelets. You can also purchase a pendant and find a matching ring as well. Whether you purchase a set or make your own, the pendant will form the foundation of a really nice set and will be a welcome piece to any nice jewelry collection. You can even find Jade matched with other stones such as amethysts, diamonds and pearls, these pendants create a unique look all of their own and are a wonderful way to emphasis your own individuality.

    Exotic Beauty. There is simply no other stone that is more versatile or has more exotic beauty than jade and pendants give you such a wide range of designs, colors and styles that they can give even your simplest outfit an air of the exotic and unusual.

    Jade pendants are easy to find as well. Most jewelry store carry at least some pendants or you can shop online where the choices are limitless (Graeme John Olsen).
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