Diamond Pendant

    diamond-pendantDiamond pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be hung from a necklace, bracelet or earring. The classic diamond pendant is a single good-quality diamond mounted in an ornate setting and suspended from a chain around the neck. The elegant simplicity of a solitaire diamond makes it suitable to wear with anything from jeans to a formal evening gown.
    diamond-pendantThe most popular form pendant has two loops called bales which are used to hang the pendant from a chain. The bales are big enough to accommodate a range of chain sizes which allows the pendant to be worn with a variety of chains and styles of clothing. The diamond is usually prong set in a flat cradle or basket so that the pendant will lay flat and not roll or twist to one side.
    diamond-pendantIn the case of bezel set Diamond pendants, the diamond is surrounded by a collar of precious metal called a bezel. The mirroring effect of a bezel made of white gold or platinum will give the impression that the diamond is larger than it really is. If the bezel is made of red or yellow gold, it sets off the diamond by providing a contrasting color frame. The three-stone has three diamonds of graduated sizes mounted one above the other. The diamonds are usually prong set and attached to a chain from a bale surrounding or hidden behind the top diamond (Lanna Lewis).
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