Diamond Earrings

    diamond-earringsWhen browsing through diamond earrings, you'll find that many are overpriced and absolutely not worth it. This will make sure you know what to look for when choosing them so you don't feel ripped off later on when they begin to have problems.
    diamond-earringsThe first thing you should do is study the diamonds. Make sure you notice the color and symmetry of each diamond. If the diamonds are all cut differently and sloppily, it is probably not worth its price. Hold the earrings up to your own ear to see how well they go with your skin tone. Sometimes, the skin on your ear may have a slightly different skin tone than the skin on your hands or your arms. The earrings should also be visible through your hair (if you have long hair), but not so dazzling that they are overwhelming your other features.
    diamond-earringsGo through a variety of different diamond earrings and try them out. You never know what they could look like; something you thought you might not like could actually look good on you! Take your time when doing this and don't rush, as you wouldn't want to put such a huge hole in your wallet if you aren't going to enjoy them. Look at the earrings in different lighting. Low light may make them look different than they would in bright light. It's probable that you will be wearing them more often in low light when you go out, since most diamond earrings don't strike as something casual.

    Try both stud diamond earrings and dangling ones. If you have shorter hair, studs will probably look better. If you have long hair, then dangling earrings would be better for you so you can see them through your hair. Always make sure you buy from a jeweler with a good return policy (Don W. Spears).
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