Crazy make up, a messy plait and another casual summer look...

    Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I went to Pixie Lott's concert to see my cousin perform as supporting singer/band and she was AMAZING! I got a ticket the V.I.P area where Pixie Lott was and Ellie Goulding was sitting near me by the concert :) I will put pictures of the concert up soon :)
    Anyway... I bought this maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins for about £20-£25 , its 100% cotton so it is not too hot and heavy in summer.  I got my silver heart earrings in a set of 6 from Dorothy Perkins also for £6.50  I also bought this owl ring from Claires Accessories for £4 but currently everything is 30% off so I saved some money there. I honestly can't remember where the wedges are from but they have a platform on them which adds height and is very in fashion to. For my birthday I got a set of bangles from Dune and I got two flowery bracelets from accessorize for £8. I noticed that in terms of hair style plaits are still in but loose and messy so I did my take on it :)  

    Okayy I was reaally bored so I decied I would mess around with makeup :) Everything I used was in the front cover rainbow palette which I bought from oots for £15 in a sale. Well apart  from mascara, very cheap liquid eyeliner (black) and I think 2 true glitter eyeliner. And for everyone who is wondering the bottom picture is meant to be faith-in-fashion, spread the word. Not the neatest way of applying eyeshadow but I did my way of putting every colour in the pallette on. HA. So I would be interested to see if anyone has any interesting phases of make up madness :) You can email them to me at (yes I though it was cool at the time.) and with permission from you some can appear on my blog :)

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