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    Hey agaiin, sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but I have been in the school show in Billy Elliot so its all good stuff :). It’s all about vintage at the mo and I am in LOVE with the cameo necklaces and I got one of my nana natch. Mine is a locket and it’s quite big but its dead cute too. I am really into accessories at the mo and I found a red and gold vintage necklace in an old jewellery box so I was really pleased ooh and I got a green corsage from Dorothy Perkins for £2 in the SALE!! As I visit charity and vintage shops often here are some top tips in finding some really good buys and how to accessorize an outfit. Ok here we go…

    1. Always start with a plain canvas as some would say for example with my outfit I chose a white puffed sleeve top (Select-£5) and a pair of skinny jeans (new look £15).

    2. Next find a pair of fancy shoes or statement bag or even hat to brighten up the outfit. I chose a pair of boot heels in tan coloured suede (Dorothy Perkins- £60).

    3. Go into charity shops such as cancer research, heart foundation, Oxfam etc. and have a look forany statement jewellery or any stuff that is personal to you to go with your bag/hat/shoes. Charity shops are great as its unlikely anyone will have the same item as you.

    4. Feel good about your buy as it is for charity after all ;)

    Okaayy anyway, to recap… IN THIS OUTFIT I AM WEARING…

    White puffed sleeve top-Select £5

    Skinny blue jeans - New look- £15

    Stripy Cardigan- M & Co £8

    Shoes- Dorothy Perkins £60

    Corsage- Dorothy Perkins £2 in sale

    Both necklaces from my nana ;)

    I absoloutley adore the new single from Eliza Doolittle ft Lloyd Wade. I love her ourtfits in this video they are seriously gorgeous especially the grey playsuit and heels with pink ankle socks. She is always spot on trend and is one of my fashion icons. Please buy this single on i-tunes as its such a care free summer tune :) Please buy the single off itunes and support this new artist :) Look at it on youtube please...:D

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