Bread and Butter trends: denim shirts and dresses

    Double denim is still big news and khakis are continuing to gain ground. Add in the profusion of military-inspired olive shades and you have one heck of an opportunity to sell denim shirts. So it was unsurprising to find them still looking pivotal to the collections of denim and young fashion lifestyle brands alike. Both dark and light shades were on offer and a greater level of detail was used as brands sought to differentiate their offer. Though Anachronorm took the crown on that score.

    While this is a unisex category it does naturally fall more in the male category. No matter though, for women the denim shirt dress is emerging. Hanging loose or – more often – softly belted it is developing a sort of prairie theme on womenswear

    Pictured from top: shirts: Anachronorm, Blue Bell, Blue Blood, Campus, Diesel, G-star, Pepe Jeans London; dresses: G-star, Levi'sSource URL:
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