Bread and Butter collection report: Superdry

    Even without the headline you would recognise the instantly familiar Superdry here. And in method there is little that has changed about the Cheltenham-born mammoth, in that it is creating a category-driven collection. Yet in terms of looks there are some serious tweaks for the season. And these are worth paying attention to, for there are few more reliable bewethers when it comes to creating commercially astute looks.

    The graphic T-shirts are still in there, anchored to heritage Americana but there are however, fewer plaids in terms of the shirts. Instead, washed down cottons come in throw-me-on laundered looks with plains and stripes alongside mini-checks. Denim is rugged, with plenty of rip and repair detailing, which is in line with the menswear's overall theme, which ties in references to the Rockies and Native Americana alongside its core of washed out preppy pieces.

    This US theme is more clearly articulated on the womenswear where fresh cottons are all about a cocktail of Daisy Duke and prairie girl looks. Ditsy florals, easy ginghams and floral embroidered tops come in simple vests and frilled tops. Denim blue and bright white bustiers line up alongside cotton shorts in washed down checks. Slightly against the grain are the sporty hotpants and clingy jerseys.Source URL:
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