Men Skincare Review: Clinique M Shave Aloe Gel

    I just bought this skincare product from Clinique, highly concentrated with aloe vera and oil free, Clinique's M Shave Aloe Gel, to comforts skin during and after a shave.

    According to Clinique's report, this gel is to transforms into a rich lather, softens and cushions even the heaviest beards for a smooth, close shave.

    Usage: Just pump out the size of a 50 cents coin, work gel between palms and transfer lather to the face to cover the bread. Shave, then rinse blade under hot, running water to avoid razor clogging. For the smoothest, longest-lasting shave, shave twice in the direction of hair growth.

    After used out for first week, it's really reduce the incidence of razor burn and blemishes, and helps dampen the beard area! :). I consider this as great deal with this pricing and the quality of the product.

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