Haute Couture S/S08 I

    'Tis the week for mega-gorgeous, artistic and unwearable couture!

    Christian Dior
    Haute Couture S/S08 started off with a bang with the ever-dramatic collection from Christian Dior by John Galliano. As per the collections from the last few haute couture seasons, this collection was composed of strong, bright, vivid colours. The theme of this collection was Madame X, which I know nothing about and am not bothered to Wiki it, but do do so if you're interested. To be honest, while these couture pieces are all truly amazing, I'm not completely awed after Dior's Japanese collection in HC S/S07, my favourite yet. Perhaps it looks more stunning in real life.
    The jewel colours are SO gorgeous. Gosh, imagine all the work put into constructing the dress and all those little details!
    These are great to look at (in an artistic way) and very unwearable.
    Don't the models look like they're wearing super-volumous dresses with capes on? And please don't tell me that the grey dress (left) is made of animal skin because that's just scary. (Hmm, maybe I should look up a closer-up photo.)
    Aww, these are so cute and girly! (-in an expensive and unrealistic way of course.)

    Anne Valerie Hash
    I like how this collection feels very delicate, yet still edgy in some ways, (maybe it's the neatral colours or the menswear characteristics.) A very soft and feminine collection, with some current trends incorporated in:
    Huge shoulders.
    Soft and see-through.
    Pencil-dress and menswear.

    Giorgio Armani Prive
    I think this is the first Armani Prive collection that I have truly liked, (or maybe it's just that I've already forgotten the older collections.) I've always thought Amrani collections as sleek, sophisticated in a slightly outdated fashion. Yet this collection feels more modern and softer.
    The suits look somewhat impractical. Good thing people don't actually wear these, but if only we could wear cute, bubbly suitskirts to work!
    I especially love the cocktail dresses -so divine! Sigh.
    Cocktail dresses as art pieces.
    As for the long gowns, they're feminie and glamorous as always.

    Image Credit: http://www.style.com/ Source URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2008/01/haute-couture-ss08-i.html
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