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    I am not a fan of leather products, I don't fancy about all the leather products like bags, wallets, etc. But there are many designers who insist on exploiting animals in the name of fashion. Looking at the latest fashion magazines, there are beautiful models clad in clothes made out of fur, leather, and suede. All the latest must have accessories are all made of animal materials. It seems that these items have somehow become a status symbol that screams high fashion.

    Now, for those who are as much fashion conscientious as well as earth friendly, eco-friendly fashion is hitting the runways. Forget those past images of burlap sacks, hemp necklaces, and Birkenstocks, the new eco-fashion is rich with style and chic designs—all with the greatest amount of care and respect for our environment. So green is not just a color in fashion anymore - it's a conservationist's way of life.

    Fashion weeks in both London and New York have promoted some of the hottest styles to date, all designed with eco-friendly fashion in mind.

    For the first time in fashion history, designers Emily Santamore and Melissa Sack, founders of Moral Fervor, have created a clothing line with eco-fashion mindset that entirely uses Ingeo fabrics. Synthetic and sustainable, Ingeo fabric is made from fermented corn. Having a concern for both the environment and humanity, Moral Fervor donates a portion of its profits to a program, called Nutripia, which feeds women and children in Rwanda. (Too bad, men wear is not available yet)

    Using organic cotton and hemp that’s harvested and manufactured without the use of pesticides or sweatshop labor, Pigeon Passenger has designed one of the most adaptable eco-fashion dresses of the season. Called the Nora Wrap Dress, it is both reversible and versatile. Custom-made for a Friday at the office, playful enough for a Sunday brunch, and sexy enough for a night out, the Nora Wrap Dress is the perfect eco-design for earth-friendly women on the go.

    Ecoganik, a fashion design company that uses only certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics, has a steadfast mission to promote the use of eco-fashion such as pesticide-free and low-impact dye

    fiber. And while their concern for the planet is foremost, they do not give up anything on style. With a fresh, casual-chic line, Ecoganik is not only environmentally conscientious, it’s in vogue. But too bad, so far they only focus on women wear.

    Bono, with Ali Hewson, launched an earth-friendly collection under the company EDUN—nude spelled backwards—in 2005. One highlight of EDUN, whose mission is to use trade rather than aid to fight poverty and create maintainable communities throughout Africa and other developing countries, is a fig leaf charm. The charm, a silver-colored fig leaf that hangs by a thin, black rope, represents a return to nature and signifies copiousness.

    Trendy, relaxed, and eco-friendly that’s Del Forte Denim jeans. These sexy jeans are made from 100 percent organic cotton and are sure to be the perfect fit for fashion savvy, environmentally friendly. Even big brand like Levi's, has launched their eco-friendly Levi's jeans too.

    Sara Cross’ cruelnotcruel collection emphasizes the use of organic fabrics, while keeping classic style at the forefront. Cross, who is concerned with both the earth and labor, makes it a point to hire a group of indigenous Aymara women for all of her Alpaca wool designs. The Aymara women, who live in Bolivia, have a healthy work environment and fair compensation.

    In today’s fashion world, “going green” does not mean giving up style. Environmentally-concerned designers have successfully combined style with eco-friendly fashion. With a flair for fashion, these designers have used their creativity to offer trend setters stylish earth-friendly attire.

    So play your part today by start buying eco-fashion clothes.

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