50 Things Men Wish You Knew

    Found this interesting site, that universal guys truths that all women should understand . What's more, you can even put in your comments now as this site is still cumulating the comments.

    Here are some of the things extracted from the site that I find it really reflective, and truth!

    - I just may lie to make you feel good. Don’t be angry about this. You really weren't looking for the truth anyway.

    - When you get angry over some stupid little pointless thing, I question your intelligence.

    - You’re really bad at faking it.

    - If I offer my help while you're getting ready, it means you’re late.

    - Never ask me to pick out your outfit. I will invariably get it wrong and make us even more late.

    - If you think I’m speeding now, you should see me drive when you're not in the car.

    - We don't mind being told we look good. Just don't call it a "cute outfit."

    - You can pick the movie, but have a reason

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