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    Watch, a most single piece of accessory that represent male, his characters, hobby and of course his wealth too. A design of watch can range from very fun/fashionable to classic and prestige. As time go by, there are getting more and more models, designs for different occasion, activities and even different purposes to suit different taste of people. Choosing a watch that suits might be a difficult and headache task for some if not everyone here. What is the preferred watch for someone else has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what would be the preferred or optimal watch for other. Hence, the following tips are just some of my thoughts on how to choose a perfect piece.

    So what is the right watch for you?

    What do you normally get up to during the week and weekends? Do you intend to buy multiple watches or are you looking for one that can cover it all?

    Find out the needs?

    - Do you wear the watch for workdays or is it for the weekend or specific activity or is it the one watch for everything?

    - What kind of attire during your workdays? Formal or smart casual?
    - If you're getting the watch more for weekend or other activities, then the question is what are these activities? Pulling at the pub, clubbing, diving, swimming, jogging, skiing etc

    What are the features you are looking for?

    - Overall design, the case shape, dial layout and intricacies, color and look of the hands
    - Size: tiny, medium, large or a clock on the wrist
    - Prestige or beauty or uniqueness in its inner workings

    - Story, romanticism, classicism, history
    - Refined or ru
    gged or swings both ways
    - Certain key functions you are looking for (see appendix at the end of this post)
    - Exclusivity (you want to be the only one you see with it or you like being part of a community or somewhere in between)
    - Fancy things about it, gadgety stuff about it

    Price Range Buy only if you are affordable. Do consider the other commitments such as family expenses, mortgage, car payments etc before even setting your sights on a potential next acquisition. Don't spend above your means.

    If possible, always look for those with good re-sale value, if you are regret on what you just bought, it still can demand a good second hand value.

    Impulse Purchase

    Don’t rush if possible. Don’t buy on impulse.

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