Briefs vs. Boxers

    Men’s wear fashion has been growing tremendously in recent years. The reasons for the significant growth are mainly due to the flow of information in Internet and media, leisure culture.

    In additional to my earlier post, I will add on the elaborate more on men’s underwear, ie. briefs and boxers. This trend came in a long way, even respectable fashion house now offer briefs and boxers to contemporary male customer. (as I highlighted in my earlier posts)

    The most primary difference between briefs and boxer is size and fit. Briefs are smaller and fit more snugly, thus they adhere to the shape of the body better. Boxers on the other hand fit more loosely and are found to be more comfortable by many men.

    Briefs are considered the traditional male undergarment and suitable to most men with a slim or muscular build. Briefs also suitable for sports, under low cut jeans and under tight jeans or trousers. So if you the owner of six packs, muscular chests, firm thighs, briefs is definitely a “add on” fashion for you.

    Boxer, on the other hand, provides too much coverage and therefore suitable for those overweight or tall and slim build gentlemen. Of course size cannot be judged in boxers, so obviously this is also a favourite for those not so endowed gentleman …ha..ha…just kidding!!

    So ultimately is your choice, boxer or briefs will very much depend on your what you wear, and where you are going? What kind of activities are you carry out, such as sports, dinner, shopping, etc.Source URL:
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