Men Fashion Tips for 30s

    Once you can't find your age on the calendar anymore, you know you're entering a new stage in your life. After the questioning quarter-life crisis years come your thirties, a time when you're torn between the changing twenties and static forties. For most men, fashion and style tend to change quite a bit during this period, too.

    Men’s clothing for the thirty year olds has seen various trends ranging from French casuals and mode casuals to the select shop boom. Men in their 30s would have developed a discriminating eye towards fashion trends. You tend to seek a sense of sophistication while still being able to enjoy and wear fashion to your work as well as leisure. (Correct me if this is not what you experienced now)

    Fashion Tips: Dos and Don'ts for Men in 30s

    Men Hair Styles

    Avoid jazzy hairdos or hair colors as that is the style for the younger generation. Even if you had tried on something earlier that suited you, it may not necessarily look good on you now. Also you will not be able to change your entire dressing to suit the hairstyle. Stick to comfortable hairstyles parting your hair the way it suits you best.

    Skinny and Loose Clothing

    Skinny and tight fitting clothes do not suit 30 year olds as they would have a more masculine body by then. Also shiny finishes and flashy prints are best left to youngsters.

    Avoid loose baggy tops and pants as they would make men look stouter and sloppy.

    Others Fashion Tips

    As thirties is the time men indulge more in sports and physical activities like hiking, fishing and golfing, men should plan to keep their wardrobe stuffed accordingly. Keep a pair of comfortable t-shirts, cargo trousers, jeans, hats that fit the head snugly and protect the face from bright sunlight and sun glasses (avoid the fancy types, stick to black or brown tints), belts and sports shoes.

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