Man Fashion: Relax Fit Trends in Fall/Winter?

    Started from women fashion trends, shrinking fashion has since moved away from women fashion trend and hit man fashion world.

    In the past few years, it seems that designers have had some strange inside joke going with the creation of skinny jeans, shrinking suits, and the vanishing break of men's trousers, making the likes of Thom Browne a fashion legend. Or maybe designers are simply prescribing their own belt tightening in this uncertain economy by using less fabric. Many embraced this 'restricted' fit, but others who braved the look for the sake of fashion were left holding our collective breathe, hoping not to put someone's eye out with a button projectile from our snug blazers.

    Well if fashion forecast are correct, it appears relief may be in sight. This Fall/Winter fashion trends are showing a more relaxed fit. This doesn't mean that fashion designers are go back to the baggy, saggy ways of old. Instead, we are seeing a more appropriate relaxed fit that personifies an easy comfort that promotes physical fitness. Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Ralph Lauren are just a few of the designers who are relaxing things a bit for the fall. This, in my opinion, makes it easy to incorporate these looks in your signature style.
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