Man Fashion: Men Finery Code

    When refer to Men Finery Code, one that you should focus on is the whole dressing attire rather than small portion of the whole, which include clothing, accessories and others that could affect your appearance.

    So let breakdown a day into 2 major time frame, daytime and evening, and how you should dressing in style.


    Formal Day Dress/Morning Coat
    It is most commonly worn to weddings, and occasionally seen at the other important functions. This dress code consists of striped pants with braces, a cutaway grey or black jacket or other darker color if you like, a white shirt (normally) a grey silk cravat (optional of course), black shoes and a waistcoat in grey. beige or black.

    Keep it Light and Simple
    Wear lighter colors during the day to look your best. Save black for evenings. Keep your outfit simple is another key to daytime glamour.

    Jeans can be appropriate as long as clean and fit well
    Just to make sure it suitable for the ocassions you are going to.

    Lose the tie, not your credibility
    A crisp shirt left open at the neck with in a fabulous pair of cufflinks will dress any outfit up. Make sure it is a good quality fabric that will not have you looking as if you slept in it after an hour or two.


    White Tie Formal
    This is the most formal of all styles of dressing. You can choose between a white or black jacket, but you will definitely wear a white bow tie or white dinner shirt.

    Black Tie Formal
    Traditionally, black tie events require a bow tie and white dinner shirt. Some non-traditionalists will wear a black cravat or a naru collared shirt with a collar button.

    Cocktail/After 5/Lounge Suit
    In all of these style you will always look perfectly presented in a smart suit and tie. You can always check with the organizers, sometimes ties could be optional too.

    Wing it
    Never wear your wingtip shoes or brogues with your wingtip shirts. Your shoes should be plain black leather for evening functions.

    Lastly, it is advisable to keep the pockets of dinner suit sewn up, this is to ensure the shape of the pocket is in shape, and to resist the temptation of hanging your hands in there and stretching the line of the jacket.

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