Roberto Cavalli at H&M

    Whenever I think of Roberto Cavalli, I think of animal prints, lacy tops, corsets, tight and glittery clothes and Victoria Beckham -all glamorously tasteless. Obviously I am not a fan of Roberto Cavalli. I don't care that his recent collection has improved a bit. The Cavalli style imprinted in my brain is still negative.
    First off, you will notice that practically the whole collection is made of animal prints. There are leopard prints (in 2 different shades) and zebra prints. Talk about animal-prints overload! I can't believe he even put the prints on trousers!
    Black and white animal-printed mini-dresses. I can't decide if these dresses are fun and crazy-looking, or just tacky.
    The only thing I remotely consider decent is this sweater dress.
    The things that I am interested in are the accessories, especially now that it's party season.
    This braclet looks really pretty in the photo. I wonder if it will look that pretty in real life.
    Another thing I'm interested in (as inspired by Mary Kate Olsen) is this cocktail ring.
    So that's it. Anyways, just because Roberto Cavalli isn't my style, it doesn't mean that other people won't be anticipating the H&M collection. Look out for any craziness. The collection hits stores Nov 8th -that's tomorrow!

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