Dress Design 2011

    Designer dresses have become the in-thing these days. Designer dresses are those that are designed and made by a recognized designer or a fashion house. They are designed for both men and women. They are different from local dresses in terms of design, quality, finishing, and fit.

    Designer dresses enhance the look of a person. They add to the grace and charm of an individual and give an aesthetic appearance that is normally appreciable. However, how good a dress looks on you also depends upon how well your dress complements your body structure. To overcome such challenges, designers make tailor-made dresses suiting the physique, personality, and the occasion on which it has to be worn.

    A lot of effort gets into making designer dresses because great attention is paid to adding extra details to the dress. Intricate patterns stitched with laces, satin, gems, brocade, etc. are used for an ultimate finish. Even, the basic cloth material is pure and of highest quality.

    They are categorized into different heading according to the occasion for which they are meant. For instance, evening dresses, cocktail and party dresses, bridal dresses, and casuals. Presently, designers have also introduced innovative designs for swimsuits, nightwear, lingerie, and even socks.

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