Men Lifestyle: 7 Wonders of Underwater World II

    Continue from my previous post, here are the remaining 3 Underwater Wonders. Seem most of the wonders are reside in Asia.

    5. Galapagos Islands

    The Galapagos Islands can be found in the Pacific Ocean west of Ecuador and formally form the Galapagos Province. The islands themselves can all be found near the equator and each one is considered to be volcanic.

    A number of incredible wildlife species can be found on these islands, including the Galapagos land iguana, the marine iguana, the Galapagos green turtle, the flightless cormorant, and many more. Sadly, human beings have introduced several other species to the islands which now threaten the species that once thrived there naturally without fear of predators.

    6. Lake Baikal

    Located in southern Siberia, the Russian Lake Baikal is commonly referred to as “the Blue Eye of Siberia.” Combine the water found in all of the Great Lakes in North America and you still won’t match the size of this incredible body of water. Believe it or not, Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, but it is not the largest.

    7. Great Barrier Reef

    The Great Barrier Reef is well known for being the single largest system of coral reefs in the world. Located off of the coast of Queensland in Australia, the 1,600 mile reef is so large it can be seen from outer space.

    The entire reef is comprised of almost 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is responsible for protecting much of the reef, which scientists fear may soon begin to suffer immensely from fishing, tourism, and global warming.

    So are you going to share my dreams? To visit all these 7 wonders of underworld?

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