Man Fashion: Hair Color and Spectacle

    Came back from my short break, and first thing came to my mind was to check my mails, mostly some RSS I signed up and couple of mails from my friends. Ultimately, I came across one of the mail from the readers asking hair color and spectacle frame. So I thought of answering this question here to benefit the rest of the blog readers as well.

    Hair Color and Frames
    • Blondes look good in transparent or light-colored frame.
    • Brunettes look great in darker plastics and metal frame
    • Redheads will suit most frame but you might want to avoid yellow and white frames.
    Eye Color and Frames
    Of course when we talked about hair color, we also should not over look your eye color too.

    • Browned eye men look great in any color of frames, but it will not be any special with brown frames as well.
    • Green eyed mens look best in chocolate, khaki, tortoiseshell, purple and burgundy frames
    • Blue eyes are highlighted by frame in dark purple, orange, tortoiseshell or rose frames
    • Light brown and hazel eyed mens will shine in rose, purple, gold and warm green frames.

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