Man Haircare: Looking for New Hair Care Products

    This is the first of the kind in history, combine both Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Gillette expertise in men grooming and haircare. Gillette invites you to take charge of your hair with Gillette Hair Care, a new line of high-performance shampoos and a conditioner designed specifically for men. Featuring charged cleansers that bond to dirt and oil, new Gillette hair care combines Gillette's male grooming expertise with P&G's technology to deliver our best-in-class grooming products for men.

    Gillette Hair Care offers six shampoo varieties and one conditioner designed to meet every man’s hair care needs:

    • Deep Cleaning Shampoo: Formulated with a penetrating lather for a powerful clean you can feel all day.
    • Clean + Refreshing Shampoo: Leaves you feeling clean and refreshed by combining Gillette’s charged cleaning system with mint extracts.
    • Daily Balance Shampoo: Provides an optimal clean for normal hair by including a balanced rinsing agent designed for daily use.
    • Clean + Thick Shampoo: Leaves hair looking rich and full by combining a thickening complex with Gillette’s charged cleaning system.
    • Clean + Conditioning 2-in-1: Combines a rich lather of Gillette’s charged cleaning system with a lightweight conditioning formula for hair that feels great in one simple step.
    • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Reduces irritation associated with dandruff using a charged cleaning system and ZPT technology.
    • Hydrating Conditioner: Features moisture lock conditioners for manageability without weighing down hair.

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