Haute Couture F/W08 I

    With the travelling I've been doing in the past two weeks, I've been so out of touch with the real world (ie. the Internet) that I didn't even know it was Haute Couture week until I logged into style.com! I've only looked through three collections but they have already surprised me as they were certainly different from what I've come to expect from those desginers.
    Karl Lagerfeld usually sends out pretty, mostly black & white and commercial dresses so I was surprised when many of the dresses had such structured and artistic silhouettes! I have mixed reactions with the dresses though, and some of the dresses looked like a continuation of the silver Chanel dress that Anna Wintour wore to the Superheroes party.
    The show started with dresses that were very sophisticated, very Chanel.
    And ended with very romantic and elegant evening dresses.
    In between, there were the more structured dresses. I especially liked these two. The dress on the left reminds me of a flower (with a model in the middle.) And even though I have no idea what the frame around her model's head (on the right) does, it just looks really cool -sort of makes the model look like a haute couture robot.
    Although I wouldn't call these dresses ugly, I'm just not too fond of them. The one on the right especially does not look flattering. To be fair, all these dresses must look so much more impressive in real life.
    Before looking at the collection, I was expecting lots of rock chic, black and white again, but this collection was definitely more colourful than the previous ones. The clothes also seemed less structured.
    These looks remind me of high fashion soldiers marching to somewhere cold.
    And these make me think of glamorous Parisian parties. I like this neutral palette of colours so much more than that khaki green.
    Christian Lacroix
    Lacroix's collection is always one of the most fun to look at because it always takes you into a colourful, overly luxurious world of chiffon and laces -and this collection did just that.
    Just wow! I love the high fashion gothic look, and this was all done with mini skirts or dresses, making the looks very youthful and put together.
    The girly looks -although noticeably not as sweet-looking than his previous collections. This ones feels much darker. Notice all the ornaments and laces and details each look has!
    How did everyone like these three collections?
    Image Credit: www.style.com
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