Man Fashion Tips: Silver Wedding Bands

    Whether you are not at the age of marriage, or you are in the midst of preparation of your marriage, you ought to know about wedding rings. I personally like silver and against gold (maybe because of the recent shape increase in price.. ha ha).

    Silver wedding bands come in several designs and patterns and are reasonably priced. High quality silver wedding bands are usually made of sterling silver, which can range from 80% to 92.5% of pure silver combined with remaining of copper.

    Silver wedding bands also cater to refined tastes and assure a comfortable fit. Different types of silver wedding bands include classic, round inside bands and brushed silver bands. Round wedding bands have rounded inner edges making the band more comfortable. Brushed silver bands are unique in the sense that they are handcrafted and have a brushed finish giving a soft, satiny appearance to the band. Many vendors provide customers with the option of getting their personalized messages engraved on wedding bands.

    Some of them are made exclusively for males or females, while either men or women can wear other designs of wedding bands. Some other designs and styles such as curb, cable and Figaro, rope, snake and herringbone is also available in silver rings.

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