Cool Ideas to make your Nails Stronger

    Strong nails are important not just for the look of them but as a part of the human body, they need to be healthy. There are a number of tips that a person can use to make the nails strong like they need to be. To be strong, the nails also need to be hydrated. A person can do this by rubbing petroleum jelly into the cuticle of the nail before going to bed or when the nails look or feel dry. For an individual who doesn’t like this substance, castor oil can do the same job because it is thick and it contains vitamin E. Olive oil can also work. Chemicals can very easily damage the nails and the areas around the nails so wearing gloves when doing the house cleaning helps the protect the nails. In the case that a person cannot use gloves, either avoiding the harsh chemicals and using natural ingredients, or applying hand cream after cleaning can keep the nails healthier thus making them stronger. A person is recommended to cut the nails straight across, or at least the toe nails to prevent ingrown nails. Also, cuticle don’t have to be cut but they can be pushed back and when doing so, they should be at a 45 degree angle. Because minerals are needed for nail growth, in the case that a person isn’t getting enough minerals, especially calcium, they can take supplements or drink extra milk and eat boiled eggs. While sometimes just taking care of the nails will help, there are occasions when a different kind of boost is needed. It may take some time to notice the difference while taking supplements or eating these foods, but it will be noticeable after some time and even the bones will benefit too.Source URL:
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