Memories in 2010


    We just got 1st January 2011 !!!

    Yeah , the first date on this 2011 after we through on 2010 with a loooooot of experience.

    We got a sadness a lot, happiness, and also aaaaaaaall the things we’ve felt about, such as you had broken with your mate or maybe you won a lotre stamp 1 trilliun Rupiah or anything else that impressed by :D

    Here I am type this post just to reminding what I have done on 2010 check this post out guys!

    1 January 2010

    I spent those night at Gani Pramudia’s house with Savina Motik, Sondy Raharjanto, Ginanjar Atmaja, Tunjung Wahyu, Raden Andy, Tyo Widatama, Muhammad Rizal, Hendi Setyo Pamungkas.

    We had a BBQ party and actually the ‘tungku’ which we used to burned the BBQ (how we called Bakso, Sosis, etc) was ‘karaten’ , so the next day some of us got stomachace, poor us. Hihi. Fortunately I hadn't

    19-20 January 2010

    I was in the class and listen to the teacher ( gayaaaaa ) I was did a task while my handphone was ringing. I saw to the LCD and I knew my mom calling. I thought, there were something terrible made my mom should called me like that, so I may a permission to Mrs. Martini – Geografi’s Teacher – to hold my mom called, then she got me did it.

    I pass the door and I hold my mom called. One minutes later I gave my handphone to Mrs. Martini, cause my mom wanted to speak with her. About 3 minutes later Mrs. Martini said a word to me “I’m sorry to hear that, Evelyn” and I just smiling – a little.

    Yeah, my Grandpa – Papi was passed away those day. So as soon as possible I must went home and preparing to going to Yogyakarta.

    The next day on 20th January we had an ceremony to the grave yar, yeah you know what we did there. Tears and more ‘sesenggukan’, a guess with everything Black and crying .

    Good bye Papi. Rest In Peace we always and ever do loving you.

    24 January 2010

    Those day was The Day ! Yeaaah. I with all SISMA SAPTA JAYA went to Klaten, and we did a social job to lift up our School name.

    We were followed an competition of Paski. Yeah it’s some people or maybe one person move formally and be comandored by a Danton. SMA 7 having SISMA as they organitation of Paski, and every school had the different name for their own. Especially SISMA was from SMA 7 is a champion in every competition, and we hope a lot for those day we could won the competition.

    Bfore we did our performance, we practice for the last time behind the Building, at the yard of those Gym. Unfortunately, we got a ‘grogi’, really! What a BIG trouble! Although we just practice the part of variation, but it should a lot of false! From Gindud , he forgot where the hell he must standing to. Me, I forgot how much step I must took. And the ‘haluan’ for ‘Variasi 1’ wasn’t straight enough. Then our Senior got mad to us, bad.

    Finally we didn’t practice anymore, senior said they afraid to our mental would be down if we practice more. And they hope for the final practice – the performance – we got a fuckin well perform. Amin.

    We did our performance after break time for Dhuhur. I felt so ‘dag dig dug’, yeah those was my first performance for my SISMA, although the other had performance before, but I’m sure that they felt the same way . And, there we go to performance with Rete as a Danton.

    And finally……

    Alhamdulillaaaaah, we reach the 1st place of PBB . Really we can’t believe it. It just like dreams come true. We’re pessimist before. Why? Yeah because we thought and felt our performance wasn’t well enough. And also the stage wasn’t well enough and some of us got wrong moved, but then we can fix it.

    Really, to be a winner is so precious and I proud to be part of SISMA SAPTA JAYA

    26 – 27 February 2010

    On those date, SISMA had a competition again. PPI CUP on City Walk. But for this one weren’t me and my SISMA 2008 who had performance, but our Junior.

    And Unfortunately, because of a little accident during the performance, they can’t be the winner, yeaaaaah so it was so pitty tragis. It just like when you flying so high and then you lost your wing then you fall to the ground.

    But we learned from this moment, that ‘Roda kehidupan selalu berputar, ada kalanya kita di atas dan ada kalanya pula kita bisa di bawah’

    21 March 2010

    I have a best friend name Kunto Pujo. He was yeaaaah like that. Every moment I went with him, when I need to go somewhere I called him and he picked me up.

    But those day was the day that I will never called him best friend anymore.

    Yeah , he had lied to me. Really, I hate to be lied by someone. And once I lied by someone, maybe I can’t take a trust anymore. Good Bye Kunto

    NB. We almost had no conversation about 3 month, and on 18th June, he text me and said sorry to me. First I can’t easily to forgive him, but I knew I can’t pass those silent anymore with him.

    25 March 2010

    On 24 I got chat with my old lower class named Hermas Rachman Delano.

    Yeah he was my lower class in SDIT Nur Hidayah. The next day we had trip to cengklik, hihi what a wonderful time ! I just like get back my lost happiness and had a new life, yah wonderful new life. Really I was happy to go with him

    30 March 2010

    Those day I went to Tlatar with Eno, yeah we spent our day from morning to afternoon. What a big 2nd happiness really I can enjoy those day in condition such as villager. And we had the same wonder, “If only we could had a house in the middle of a lot of tree and green grass"

    12 April 2010

    Karesidenan Championship of Paski. My SISMA 2008 had another performance at Gedung Wanita Karanganyar. We only had 6 foe, and those are including PBB and TUB (Ceremony).

    We were optimism for win, but unfortunately we were loose from Boyolali. Yeaaaah what a BIG HOLE crack in our heart. And as we knew, those are our last performance to brought named of our beloved school L

    we never go to Semarang to brought our city name – Solo.

    10 – 13 May 2010

    Me with Firda went to Malang, to the place of her house there :D we got a lot of wonderful moment there

    and on 11th Ginanjar Atmaja, Tri Prastyo, Buana Indrapura, Muhammad Yusuf, Muhammad Rizal dan Willy Nathan joined me with Jeyjund. We fund a cliff name Tidar Cliff and that was so amazing place !!

    We went there by Travel and we went home to Solo by one travel just for us! Yeaah, no more other people, just 9 of us and we just like had a own Travel hihi

    20 – 29 June 2010

    Those time was a looong holiday for the last grade of 2nd .

    Yeaaah I went to Surabaya with my sister Vinda Firqi Bhikuning and we slept at my auntie House, Evi Bhikuning.

    Those holiday was the time while I close to the someone named Jansa Ranggata. We almost everytime and where I went to the place at Surabaya – texting with him. And I thought I got a match with him

    26 August 2010

    Those was the 2nd time I went out , yeah like had a dating with Jansa. We went to Tony Jack on those night, yeaah. I wore a Rown skirt and jeans, he also wore gray t-shirt and jeans too.

    Unpredictable, yeaaah we talk a loot and really I can’t relize that he rise my hand and then said that he loved me, thus want me to be his girlfriend !! aaaaaa really! I can’t belief what had he done!!

    We just had conversation only via text, and although I felt I got a match with him, but we just had meet 3 times. Ckck.. so I thought a loooooooot because of yeaaaah a lot of thing hadn’t finished yet on that moment.. so it’s uneasy to acc his request. But after a hard thought, at about 09.45 pm we were one, yeah, we had an relationship

    8 December 2010

    Yeaaah, I make this a short story because I forget what I’ve pass through by. Hehee

    See, those day was the day before I got my birthday. I had broke with Jansa, yeah real broke.

    We hasn’t yet as girlfriend or boyfriend anymore, we just what we are – friend.

    At the first time I knew that I can’t assume about those truth, but after somedays later I knew that there are many more unlike Jansa outside there. I realize that maybe I just haven’t get the right one

    9 December 2010

    Taraaaaa! Really bad birthday I ever had and also the amazing birthday ever!

    How I call it bad birthday eh?

    Firstly, I had broke with Jansa and it was still burry the big pain in my heart.

    Two, Jansa had arrived at my home although just about 2 minutes in the middle of the rain, he brought me a gift

    Three, those are the things that made me crying sadly.

    Four, I got a bad, really bad feelings from the early morning, I dunno why..

    Aaaaand, how can it to be a happy amazing birthday?

    Some minutes after Jansa went home, I just sat alone at my beloved house and I noticed there was no mom and sister. Yes only me which settling handphone as my beloved partner. Ngiiiingg… it's just like nothing special on my day

    But suddenly I got my bad feelings comes true! Debby, Zizou, Icha, Praz, Rete, Buana, Bintang, Fefe, Tyo and many more came to my house with a Cake Tart and 18 candles, then Terang Bulan, and also a big thing carried on Zizou’s hand. What a OMG! I can’t stop crying already

    They also brought me the 2nd gift, there was a figura which all those my beloved friends puzzled their self to be mark EVEL then someone photo them.. nice pict!

    Those are the best birthday I ever had pal! Really I felt so high happy, big happy to be have a friend like you all are. Love you all cah !

    24 December 2010

    I got surprise text message !!

    Yeaaah after I have been read an explanation from Andhira, on the those night my old lower class had text me .. what a wow !

    After those April he hadn’t contact me anymore and left me , now he text me again and he said “Assalammualaikum mbak, hehe”

    30 December 2010

    New Year Eve those night.

    But I didn’t have any planning to got with and where. What a pitty.

    So I just stayed at home and watching tv until about 11.25 pm. Then I went to Zizou’s house by my self and we got an conversation a loot and we had a fire corn time ! and I also texting with , in order we can't spent the new yar eve together..

    12.00 am and we pass through 2010 to 2011

    and OKAAAAAY! Those are the memmorials of 2010 maybe some moments were missing, but soon i'll add them to

    Thank's readers! wait me for the other post dah!

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